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AnyChange always works together with you as a client towards the shared goal. This goes beyond what you can expect from a normal organization consulting firm. Because our core values are trustworthy, connectivity and improvement, we go a step further.

We trust that the relationship between AnyChange and you as a client is based on equality and mutual dependence. You can not change without us and AnyChange can not depend without you as a client. In addition, we do not mind if we have a strong discussion, because we believe that this is necessary to achieve the desired result. You may therefore expect honesty from us, even if you do not find it easy to hear. We will provide feedback, as it is necessary for your (organization) development. We associate ourselves with your organization to actually shape the change and improve your future.




Our team

  • Martijn de Zoete

    Martijn de Zoete

    Founder Z-Model of Change®

    Martijn de Zoete (1970), after his education in Business Economics and Financial Planning, did work as an advisor of CEO's and the wealthy in banks. He was intrigued by the fact that one person was very successsfull and another one was not. After becoming a Master in NLP he had the insight in the successfactors. After a few Business Development positions and the Professors sieries in Changemanagement, he came to the conclusion that there was no dynamic model that gives insights to the tensions within organisations and employees, as a result of changes. Based on his knowledge and his experience, he developed the Z-model of Change®. This model is successfully being used by (executive) coaching, training and organisation development. Please watch www.z-modelofchange.com and www.martijndezoete.com. martijn can be booked as a public speaker.

  • Marion Boons

    Marion Boons

    Z-model of Change® Certified Coach

    Marion Boons (1966) has an extensive consultancy experience in Human Resources. In addition, she has built up the Organization & Change expertise. In that context, she has followed various courses including the organization of organizational advice (SIOO). She is also Certified Trainer and Organizational Advisor Management Drives. Together with a pragmatic attitude, enthusiasm and involvement in human and organization, this has led to Bones Consulting. Her enthusiasm and passion for coaching and team development are also in sport; Marion Boons has been part of Young Orange Softball for many years and the Dutch Softball team. Based on her broad (inter) national softball experience, she coached youth teams and provided individual guidance. 

  • Ingrid ten Brink

    Ingrid ten Brink

    Trainer and Actress

    I am convinced that if you have fun in what you do, you learn a lot faster and you are more motivated to act. Your senses play an important role here. Your senses give you information that interprets you in a way that makes you feel emotional, for example fun.

    I strive to integrate all kinds of expressions into my training, intervisions and coaching sessions to achieve the above. I want to stimulate the senses and make fun with the ultimate goal of expanding the human rights repertoire.

    I am a communication trainer, training actor, coach and I develop training programs and teaching materials.

  • Hessel Frings

    Hessel Frings

    The effortless manager

    Hessel Frings is the face of The Effortless Manager. "It's my mission to make the most beautiful job of the world easy for any manager. Effortlessly for him or herself, effortless for the team and all team members and with a valuable contribution to the organization."

    Herssel has been trained as a business scientist and has learned to look accurately and analytically at organizations. His specialization focused on changing organizations and the role of power and politics. Soon, He learned that concepts such as culture, communication and collaboration are not hollow terms, but are about human work. Organizations are more than a collection of systems, processes and organograms. Organization to run around, with and through people.

  • Sabine van der Hulst

    Sabine van der Hulst

    An analytical and pragmatic coach and trainer. Trainer in Human Profiling ™, NLP Master and Pedagogue. The combination can sometimes be surprisingly useful. Especially in change processes and / or accelerating to more efficient communication. Training and coaching aimed at both the individual, as a group or as an organization. Just what's needed, so tailor-made.

    Goals and ambitions are there to get them!
    And that in a way that suits you, the group and the organization.

  • Roland van Gils

    Roland van Gils

    Roland van Gils (Director of Exploitment Company) has gained knowledge of and experience in accompanying people in various executive positions during his 30-year career at a bank. His passion lies in helping and stimulating people to get the best out of themselves. In addition, it is important that people not only understand their behavior but also why they show a certain behavior: what moves them, what are their driving forces? He has further qualified himself by following a two-year course. People, after collaborating or talking with him, indicate that they can be themselves and make it easier to open up. As a result, they discover what moves them and what stops them and why they keep stuck in a particular pattern. Only then can you change yourself and make that change last!

    Successie in Bedrijf specializes in business transfers within the (agricultural) family business. Our guidance is not limited to legal and tax advice but always starts with awareness. Because by getting to know yourself better and thus being able to step over your fears and / or obstacles, that ultimately determines the success of the process.

    From this coaching and awareness-raising role, Roland adds a unique value to AnyChange.

  • Lot Vorstman

    Lot Vorstman

    Lot Vorstman has educational roots, is a mediator and led by companies of all kinds through change processes. As a coach and trainer, she takes management, middle and workfloor smoothly under her wings. "Lot is a lifelike personality that makes you easy contact. She has experience in a variety of areas of work, at all levels. Her disarming character makes you easily discuss ideas and problems with her. In addition, she not only has an eye for the content, but also her conversation partner. Her strong non-verbal analytical ability makes your hair much more clear than what you say. This inspires them to bring an inspiring way to the attention, and this makes for surprising insights on a regular basis. Rarely tells Lot what to do. She lets it tell you."

  • Dick Stolk

    Dick Stolk

    I'm an Executive Business Coach, the name is in violation of my pragmatic approach, and my dislike of poeha. I work with professionals, with directors and with teams who recognize their behavior, want to change and be able to move. My background is that I myself was for many years (at home and abroad) manager and director. That experience makes me familiar with what you're up to and in what power fields you sometimes have perform. Or to revise and choose direction again. From Coaching Leadership, I help to get the most out of yourself. By listening to you, we come to the heart of the question and which mindset limits you to that. Ultimately, it's about you, and what you do (or not). That means I help you to determine your focus, goals and ideals. Then I guide you for a longer period of time to keep those goals and ideals not only for purposes and ideals. But to actually realize them. You conclude a contract with yourself while protecting you from pitfalls, patterns or constraints.