Interim &

Change management

Participative change management implies that you create optimal support for change, as you use the qualities of your employees. This does not mean that every employee is in advance for the changes, but that you can explain them in advance.


AnyChange often uses the Z-model or Change® to configure this process. As a result, the interventions come in a logical order for you and your employees. This gives you and your organization confidence, allowing employees to connect to the change and this change is actually improving.


Because you can explain each time, what is being done and why, it creates focus and realization power. A lasting change, because you have realized it yourself with your own employees. There is no dependence on AnyChange. AnyChange wants impact for you.



Interim management.

Sometimes it is necessary to really add someone to a team to influences the social structure of the team and to create leadership over the people he guides in his department. Then AnyChange offers interim management. Whether it's to shape change, optimize processes or motivate employees. Interim management guarantees short-term results.

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