What is organisation development

What is organisation development - paarden-en

Ask ten managers "What is organisation development" and you get ten different answers. Organisation development is therefore a container concept that is related to concepts such as change management, learning and implementation. An unambiguous answer to the question "What is organisation development" is therefore not to be given. However, there are a number of similarities when it comes to the question "what is organisation development".

Organisation development is about realizing change(s) in the personal or organizational situation to be successful. At AnyChange both changes are present at the same time. Organizational growth goes hand in hand with personal growth within the business context.

Organizational change
Organization development is about growing to desired situation. Human behavior is by far the most difficult part. And in that part, AnyChange has its added value.

It is wise to involve stakeholders at an early stage in change. It enhances the support, understanding and commitment for the new change. AnyChange often uses this participative change management. The change cycle begins with good communication: providing timely information about the change that will come. In addition, it explains what the purpose of the change is and what steps are being taken. Entering the change itself is well prepared and carefully executed, along with the employees.

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