AnyChange puts performance and executive coaching in place to help someone to function better. Personal convictions and experiences from the past can hamper a person's functioning.

Performance coaching

This is a result-oriented way of coaching. Sometimes confrontational, but always with respect for the person. As a performance coach, AnyChange often uses the Bazooka® method or uses NLP intervention techniques

Executive coaching

This is coaching at the highest level. In addition to a trust relationship, it is necessary to be able to think with the executive at strategic level. This is coaching at the interface of Person and Organization and always using the Z-model or Change®

Personal coaching

AnyChange has a network of coaches with different specializations for different issues. However, the goal must always be related to work / function / role. AnyChange is not engaged in therapy.

Examples of specializations.

  • Executive coaching
  • Elite athlete coaching
  • NLP coaching
  • Entrepreneurs coaching (work / private combination)
  • Cutting and loss processing
  • Management coaching
  • Coaching of individuals with autism in their working environment
  • Driving analysis using Management Drives
  • Resilience coaching in the working environment
  • RET coaching


AnyChange preferably converts Z-model of Change® certified coaches.

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