As a production company, you mostly want to produce as much as possible at the lowest possible cost. This requires the use of machines and people. In practice, however, it appears that this combination does not always work optimally. Employees have developed their own working methods with years of experience. Sometimes these are "best practices" but more often it is not optimal. The result is a production process that takes place with hards and bumps. Turnover times and start times are unnecessarily long, failure costs increase and the day consists of "fire extinguisher" instead of producing.

In construction, AnyChange has experience in both construction companies and the timber industry. Gevelconcept is one of the relationships where that experience has been gained. By organizing a construction company, a timber factory, a masonry company and a whole facade company, a product-oriented organization has moved to a process-oriented organization. At the same time, there was a business transfer from father tot sons and an investment in a new timber mill machine. A beautiful challenge where a whitepaper is written for.

Non profit

AnyChange supports a number of non-profit organizations. For example, the OMWB, a gouvenemental organisation, has been a good relationship for a number of years in forming a new culture after merging employees from 26 different municipalities. Coaching the management team, team leaders and employees in cooperation to get to know themselves and each other was a nice assignment.

The University of Applied Sciences HZ has also asked for guidance. This aims at structuring the organization around a number of Centers of Expertise. On behalf of the chairman of the Supervisory Board, we have started a process that puts members and staff in their power, and innovates in an innovative way with Centers of Expertises.

"Anychange has helped us as Equitec Holding to streamline our organization internally and sharpen the focus on the external market, giving us a clear picture of our future and the route to get there. Through the structured, professional and personal approach of Anychange, we are able to excel as a team, which makes us better prepared for new challenges in the market. "

Ton Dreves, CEO Equitec Holding