Organisation Culture Assessment.

Measurement is knowledge and that is with organizational development and culture development not different. AnyChange has various research methods at its disposal to follow the organization's development and propose appropriate interventions

Culture Monitor

The culture monitor is a tool that analyzes the size of the gap between the current situation and the desired situation throughout the organization (at all hierarchical levels and with all desired variables). This makes it possible to propose interventions to close this gap and to measure its outcome. Culture and organizational development has never been so tangible.

This TNO certified measurement method provides insight into the current experience of culture and the future desired situation. The difference between these two is called the Gap. It is possible to reduce this gap by deliberately placing interventions on the participative change management method. Through the anonymous processing of the culture questionnaire, you create your own feedback and give you a cutting-edge tool for organizational change. 


Tension seeker

The tension seeker is a short survey that measures the stresses that employees experience in their work very quickly. Through this baseline, it is possible to start the conversation in a thorough manner about the experiences and needs of the organization.

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Other studies

AnyChange research tool is also used by third parties, including

  • HR Leverage bij DHL bij de Gender Parity Spotlight Survey.
  • NOVOR = Nationaal Survey for Performance Improvement in Organisation
  • HR Leverage bij JUMP
  • HVR Group


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